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We are pleased to inform you of our movement towards 3D and game development. We are currently working with AutoDesk Maya and the Unity engine to bring our ideas to life. The first game we will be releasing is a small Tower Defence game. You may view and play the game while under development by going to Please feel free to submit any comments or suggestions that you may have.

Want to know more about our projects?

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Do ubudget?  If not, you should start.  The next phase of updates for ubudget will include receipt tracking.  This service will allow you to either upload a photo of an invoice, or simply take a picture of an invoice.  The image will be saved to the Journal section of your ubudget where you can then categorize and add detail to it at a later time.

Keeping track of your finances has never been simpler, or cheaper!

More details coming soon.

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Within the Journal section of ubudget, you have the ability to add categories.  By default no categories are provided for you, which allows you to setup a fully customized solution for yourself and your company, but we do have some categories for you to consider.  The following list of categories were taken from the Statement of Business or Professional Activities (T2125) document provided by the CRA.

  • Advertising (8521)
  • Meals and entertainment (8523)
  • Bad debts (8590)
  • Insurance (8690)
  • Interest (8710)
  • Business tax, fees, licences, dues, memberships and subscriptions (8760)
  • Office expenses (8810)
  • Supplies (8811)
  • Legal, accounting, and other professional fees (8860)
  • Management and administration fees (8871)
  • Rent (8910)
  • Maintenance and repairs (8960)
  • Salaries, wages, and benefits (9060)
  • Property taxes (9180)
  • Travel – including transportation fees, accommodations, and allowable part of meals (9200)
  • Telephone and utilities (9220)
  • Fuel costs – except for motor vehicles (9224)
  • Delivery, freight, and express (9275)
  • Motor vehicle expenses – not including CCA (9281)
  • Allowance on eligible capital property (9935)
  • Capital cost allowance [CCA] (9936)
  • Other expenses (9270)
  • Heat (BUoHE)
  • Electricity (BUoHE)
  • Insurance (BUoHE)
  • Maintenance (BUoHE)
  • Mortgage interest (BUoHE)
  • Property taxes [Rent] (BUoHE)
  • Other expenses [eg. Water] (BUoHE)

The BUoHE stands for business-use-of-home expenses, which resolves to page 3/5 of the T2125 form, where only a portion of the expense can be deducted from your net income.  All other items in the list were derived from page 2/5 of the T2125 form, under Part 5 – Net income (loss) before adjustments.

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If you receive this error, and you are running WAMP or similar web environment on 64-bit Windows 7, this may help solve your problem.  If you have already tried enabling php_curl.dll and everything looks good within your php.ini files (extension=php_curl.dll and not ;extension=php_curl.dll) but CURL doesn’t show up when you call phpinfo(), you will need to download a different version of php_curl.dll.

You can go here:

The download you are looking for is under the list of ‘Fixed curl extensions’:

Extract that archive and then overwrite /wamp/bin/php/php5.3.13/ext/php_curl.dll with the one you downloaded.  We suggest renaming the current php_curl.dll file just in case you need to revert.

Hope this helps!

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Late last month we released the new version of our website.  This version includes an integrated Support Center ( with the ability to create and manage support tickets.  Please use this new service for all of your future support requests, as this will aid in tackling future issues and requests.

Thanks, iaps.

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Please note that during the transition of installing an SSL Certificate, will be down for up to 24hours.  An SSL Certificate requires a dedicated IP address, so we needed to update the IP address points to.  This update usually takes 24-48 hours to fully propagate through the web.

Furthermore, we have added the ‘forgot password’ and ‘password reset’ features, so you should now be able to update your password quickly and easily.

More updates to come in the very near future!

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We spent some time updating the Student and Classroom management page today.  You should now find it a lot easier to add and remove students from classrooms.

We plan to release another update within the week, which will allow you to finally add comments to student grades within Achievement Charts and custom Rubrics.

As always, please let us know if you have any recommendations or feedback regarding uteach!

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We have decided to breakdown the workload and concentrate on one section at a time, based on the list of planned updates.  We have begun work on “Journal filtering will provide a better breakdown of recurring expenses” which we will roll out this Sunday, July 22nd.

Previously, any recurring Journal entries were not extended based on their start-date, end-date and period (monthly, yearly, etc.).  We now display each recurring period below the Journal entry.  The amounts for these periods will also be additive and should be reflected within the amount totals.

We will provide another update on Sunday, after we implement the changes.  Scheduled downtime will begin at 6pm EST and end before 8pm EST.

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The last update released only updated the first two items from the last set of possible updates.  Here is a complete list of what’s coming up, and what has been completed.

  • Improved Project Tracking – view time spent on a project, add an hourly rate to a project
  • Journal entries will auto-filter between the first day of the year and today
  • Journal filtering will provide a better breakdown of recurring expenses
  • Configure Taxes will be given a facelift
  • Custom Fields, across the board.  This means that almost everything will be able to make use of a custom field that you create yourself.  For instance, if you would like another field within the Projects section of ubudget, you can simply create any type of form field (text-box, check-box, etc.) and assign it to the Projects section of ubudget.
  • We will be giving Projects the ability to create sub-projects, for better resource and time planning.
  • We are also considering a fully configurable gantt chart which will utilize your projects and sub-projects.

We will provide you with another update when we are ready to schedule some downtime to implement these features.


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We decided to use the long weekend to polish off and ready for its’ re-release to the web.  We started development on this project over 3 years ago, but for several different reasons we did release the site to the public.  For the last year we have had uteach sitting online at, but the general public was unable to register for an account.  We had a few people look at the project over this last year, and we believe the site is now ready for its’ Beta launch.

The Beta is totally free to everyone, but please remember that this project is still a work in progress and we intend to start developing new features and tools over the lifetime of this project.