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Thunderbird released an option to view emails in threaded-view, just like GMail.  Considering how much I already loved Thunderbird, and at the same time wanted my emails threaded, I was very excited to see this addition to Thunderbird.  The only issue that came up was that new emails within a closed/minimized thread were hidden from view.  You could see that your inbox had a new message, but then (by default) you would have to open up your threads to track down your email.  Now there may be a better solution to this problem, but here’s what I did:

You can right-click on the column headers (Subject, From, Date, Attachments, etc.) and add a new column called “Unread”.  This will show you the number of new/unread emails within the thread.  Awesome!

Hope this helps!

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We are happy to provide you with a list of upcoming additions to ubudget:

  • Improved Project Tracking – view time spent on a project, add an hourly rate to a project
  • Journal entries now auto-filter between the first day of the year and today
  • Journal filtering now provides a better breakdown of recurring expenses
  • Configure Taxes has been given a facelift

For those of you that aren’t too happy with the Calendar’s limitations and lack of information, do not fret!  A future release (intended for v0.4) will focus highly on this page.

ubudget v0.3 will be released Sunday April 29th, 2012.

Enjoy ;)

Posted by & filed under, will be undergoing Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday, April 1st from 6pm to 7pm EST.

Change Log:

  • Journal date filtering now works.  By default, you will still see your full list of entries.  This will change in v0.3b.
  • Point of Sale (POS) is now available.  POS can be used in 2ways: through a Journal entry assigned to a client, or creating a stand-alone entry.
  • Create an Invoice now has a filter, labeled “Based on”, which allows you to choose what invoice items you wish to bill for.  Currently, the two options are “Work Logs” and “POS”.  “Work Logs” is selected by default, but we intend to add a setting to manage this in v0.3b, or sooner.
  • Some column sizes have been changed to better fit the intended content.
  • Work Log custom fields can now be created, but they cannot be utilized at this time.
  • Private comments can now be applied to invoices under Accounts Receivable.

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ubudget v0.2b will be released on April 2nd, 2012.  On top of all the other updates mentioned in our previous post, we are adding the connection between Journal entries, that are attached to a client, and our Point of Sale (POS) Log.  Invoice Creation will contain a new filter called “Type” which resolves to either a “Work Log” based invoice or a “POS Log” invoice.

The update will put us in good shape for a full 1.0 release by the end of April.

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Over the next month or so, we will be adding all remaining features that are implemented but not yet working as intended.  The following is a list of the features to be fixed/completed:

  • Visuals(V): Some Table-column sizes need to be adjusted, specifically under Reports on Work Logs.
  • Functionality(F): Ability to create reports on Journal Entries.
  • F: Work Log Custom Fields, which allow you to add your own fields (check-box, text-box, etc.) to Work Logs.
  • V: We may temporarily remove the Recurring Services Reporting option, which currently doesn’t work anyway.
  • F: Inventory Log option, to create “product, qty, price” entries and invoices.
  • F: Ability to comment on Invoices.
  • V: More Calendar notices, along with a blog-type view of calendar events.

We hope that you enjoy our BETA release of ubudget!

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We currently have in development several organization-based projects that will aid in a broad spectrum of daily activities. Our main focus for these apps fall into the categories of: project management, objective management, accounting and global updates. We hope to release a beta version of our objective management system later this month while the 3 other projects will become available over the next year.

In other news, I have taken a job in Winnipeg working on a shopping cart to accounting system integration package for a company called Terracor Business Solutions (  So far things are going great there.  Although this job does keep me busy during the day, I do have 8 hours at night to work on our internal projects and mild side-work.

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Our latest project requires a lot of event driven functionality which attempts to reuse click() functions. Unfortunately when you dynamically add an element to the DOM it does not automatically inherit any functions that were loaded in $(document).ready(). For example: if you have a text-box and an “add” button (A) which, when clicked, adds a new select-box with another “add” button (B) to add items to the select-box, (B) will not be able to perform the correct action if you pre-loaded the event.  In these cases, instead of using $(“#B”).click(function(){…}); use $(“#B”).live(“click”, function(){…});  Hopefully this solves some peoples problems!  You can read more about this at

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We have updated our contact information on our main website and in our invoice template. Please ensure you update your records with our new mailing address and phone number. We also added some quick blurbs about our small side projects that were recently completed; found on our Portfolio page.

Another noteworthy change is our recent migration from our standalone website framework to using CodeIgniters framework as a base and loading in all of our custom site functionality (form processing, account/session management, and even our MySQLi database connection class – as that class is awesome!).

Moving on from this technical mumbo-jumbo, we are planning on migrating our framework into Ruby on Rails (RoR) next. We are really excited to see how well RoR will work and if it does indeed live up to our expectations — although we know full well to stay away from expectations, we do value 37signals (creators of RoR) as a company and respect all that they have done and accomplished.  More to come…