Who we are

iaps has been owned and managed by Brett Farrell since 1994 and has grown steadily ever since.  All of us at iaps are passionate about creating new, useful and amazing things. We work hard to help others achieve their goals, as our goal is for others to be successful.

What we do

We do computers! We design websites, provide integration and consulting services, develop Windows and Linux applications, and even some small games. We also provide web and software testing solutions, website and hosting server quality assurance checks, and debugging services. If you have an idea for a computer application, web site or small computer game, we can build it!

Where we do it

Mississauga, ON, Canada.

When we do it

Monday-Saturday from 8am-6:30pm.

Why we do it

Our passion for creating drives us to develop new and amazing things. An empty text file provides us a fresh canvas for us to create anything we want, and create we must!

How we do it

We use a number of tools and have knowledge of many different frameworks. Every project is different, so we decide on the best implementation method for the required solution. A list of the applications we use can be found within the sidebar of this page.