Data Migration & Transformation

Mitigate the Risks of Migrating Applications and Data with Robust Data Migration Software

Data migration typically takes 30 to 40 percent of the effort in any new application project. Whether you’re implementing an entirely new enterprise application or consolidating, upgrading, or modernizing an existing one, a strong focus on data migration is essential to your overall project success.

But migrating applications and data carries a great deal of risk. Thirty-eight percent of these projects exceed schedule and budget, and nearly half go over significantly. The problem: data migration is more complex than most people realize.

Data migration teams often find that required data is unavailable and undocumented, has unknown formats and data quality issues, and resides in many more legacy systems than originally believed. Further, the data must often be transformed and normalized to meet requirements of the target system. These issues frequently lead to bad data in the target application and overall project slips.

Our Solution for Data Migration

Our solution for data migration automates and streamlines data migration processes with a combination of data migration software, best-practice methodology, and experienced professional services. This combination reduces the risk of budget and schedule overruns and dramatically streamlines the data migration process. The result: ensured success of your application and data migration project.
With our solution, you can:
  • Reduce risks by using a proven, iterative data migration methodology that has been successful in hundreds of customer projects
  • Lower the overall costs of data migration projects
  • Save time with accelerated data extract, transform, load (ETL)
  • Boost productivity through industry-leading products
  • Increase efficiency by meeting all of your needs in data security, data subsetting, and data archiving with a single platform

Key Capabilities of Our Solution for Data Migration

Unlike competing offerings, our solution for data migration has an experienced Professional Services staff along with a combination of data migration software and a proven, iterative methodology,that delivers results and lowers project risk for hundreds of customers.

With industry-leading data integration and data quality rules along with unique capabilities, such as a GUI-based tool for data validation, we deliver the industry’s best environment for complex and potentially risky projects. A broad product line of additional capabilities helps you deploy your initiative on time and on budget, ensuring success before and after your application go-live. 

Based on the comprehensive, open, and unified data integration technology of our Platform, this solution features the following capabilities:
  • Pervasive data quality for all stakeholders, projects, and applications using a single, unified platform
  • Discovery and analysis of data, detection of hidden risks, location of structural issues, and stoppage in spread of quality problems
  • Access, integration, and delivery of data quickly and cost-effectively without hand coding; and normalizing of data into target table formats and loading into new systems
  • Access to and delivery of mission-critical data throughout the enterprise wherever it's needed, on any schedule, with connectivity to a wide variety of data sources
  • Testing to ensure that data remains free of damage from movement or transformation during data migration
  • Collection of metadata from across data integration environments and provision of a visual map of data flows within those environments
  • Visibility and control for business users to create, manage, and share critical business context in the data migration process
  • Masking of sensitive data before it is moved into new systems during data migration
  • Creation of secure subsets of production data from large, complex databases
  • Legacy system retirement and data archival after migration to a new target system, saving operational and maintenance costs of legacy systems
  • Quick extraction of data from legacy systems with zero impact on operational performance during data migrations
  • Preemptive alerting of potential error-producing conditions in the data migration environment, with the ability to create rules to watch for these conditions
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