Each project follows a 4 step process, each step being comprised of smaller steps and milestones:

Step 1: Brainstorm

After our initial meeting, we consider all of our notes, knowledge of your company, ideas and goals, and figure out how we are going to get things going. At this stage we identify the initial supported platform(s), hardware, software and resource requirements. We also consider and adapt to any possible issues that have the potential to slow down the design and development processes.

Step 2: Design

Communication at this stage is imperative as there are several different concepts and designs that we could implement. Depending on your requirements, we may send you mock-ups, or links to working sites to gauge your reaction and get your opinion.

Step 3: Develop

Access will be provided to you so you may oversee development. Once the first phase of development is complete, and we have verified all requested requirements have been fulfilled, we provide a report on any work completed and await sign-off.

Step 4: Transform

Once the required functionality has been confirmed as complete, we move to this final stage where we get to help your website and company grow. As more and more time and effort is put into your site, building upon the already immaculate foundation, your digital media transforms into new and amazing things!
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