Online Marketing & Advertising

Building your Campaign

Before dumping a bunch of money into pay-per-click marketing and advertising, we highly recommend hiring someone to look into your organic search rankings. There is usually a lot that can be done under-the-hood which will optimize your site to increase your chances of people finding you via organic search results. This process will also help identify important information that can be used to strengthen your campaign; such as keywords, competitor analytics and sociability.

How Search Engines Rank your Website

For the most part, search engines look at 2 things:

  • Back-links: A back-link is a link from another website to yours. The following are examples of possible back-link website sources: forum posts, blog posts, twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, LinkedIn pages, google+ pages, affiliates, sponsors, partners, indexing services (eg. DMOZ), and more. Any solid links from another persons website to yours will benefit your back-link status.
  • Page Rank via Content: Fresh content on your site is probably the number one thing you can provide to ensure your website is indexed by search engines on a regular basis. You should try and provide as much detail as possible on each page of your website, as long as it pertains to the topic of the page. For instance, if you offer a product or service, provide as much detail about it as humanly possible while still making it readable and worthwhile to the user. Once you have provided as much information as you can on every page of your website, while keeping on topic of the page (your page title should reflect the content it provides), start writing daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts on topics that involve your company, products, services and offerings. The more fresh, unique and solid content you can provide, the higher your page rank will be. The higher your page rank, the higher you will rank in search engine results; pertaining to keywords mentioned within the content of the page.

If you have already taken the necessary steps to ensure your website meets SEO standards, you are providing solid content, and you keep your users informed with blog posts (ie. fresh content), you may be interested in paid advertising. Below are some of the options available to you. If you need further assistance with paid advertising, we do have consulting services available. For Online Marketing and SEO plans and pricing, please see our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page.

PayPerClick (eg. AdWords)

Bid on website and industry related keywords to display your site within the "Ad" (previously yellow) top-section of search engine results.

Banner Advertising & Re-Marketing

Re-Marketing is the method of displaying banner advertisements to people, for a specified amount of time, after they have visited your website. It's a great way of nudging people to come back for another look.

Paid4Clicks (eg. AdSense)

Displaying the, for example, AdSense banner placeholder on your website allows you to earn money for each unique visitor who clicks on the Ad. You usually need 100+ visitors/day to be accepted into this service. But if you have a high-traffic website or blog, you may want to consider applying (it's free).

Mailing Lists & Newsletters

These services come with a method of capturing visitor information and subscribing them to a mailing list, to which you can email newsletters and promotions. MailChimp, ConstantContact and AWeber are some of the more popular solutions.
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