Stock Screening (NASDAQ) – Custom Reports with Tableau Public

Late last year we became increasingly interested in the Stock Market, specifically the NASDAQ exchange. The following are some great resources if you wish to create your own reports based on market data. – Provides a downloadable CSV file of current market data for the NASDAQ, including current stocks prices. (Logon Type: Anonymous). Use a program like FileZilla to connect. For lists of stocks, ETF’s, etc., head to the /SymbolDirectory and you can download “nasdaqlisted.txt” and “otherlisted.txt”.

Use Tableau Public (, which is completely free, to import the data; specifically the data from the NASDAQ screener, to create your reports.

Example 1 (NASDAQ Stocks):!/vizhome/NASDAQStockTracker/NASDAQ

Example 2 (NASDAQ, Top by Industry):!/vizhome/NASDAQStockTracker/TopByIndustry

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