Scheduled Downtime – Adding RAM & Server Software Updated

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We completed a huge software update yesterday, starting at 5pm and completing at 2am EST. This update provided an updated cPanel, and newer versions of MySQL, PHP and Apache, while also providing the Apache module DEFLATE. DEFLATE allows you to compress output which decreases load times for your users! If you would like DEFLATE utilized… Read more »

Scheduled Downtime

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Please note that during the transition of installing an SSL Certificate, will be down for up to 24hours.  An SSL Certificate requires a dedicated IP address, so we needed to update the IP address points to.  This update usually takes 24-48 hours to fully propagate through the web. Furthermore, we have added the… Read more »

Student and Classroom management update

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We spent some time updating the Student and Classroom management page today.  You should now find it a lot easier to add and remove students from classrooms. We plan to release another update within the week, which will allow you to finally add comments to student grades within Achievement Charts and custom Rubrics. As always,… Read more » v1.0b has been released

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We decided to use the long weekend to polish off and ready for its’ re-release to the web.  We started development on this project over 3 years ago, but for several different reasons we did release the site to the public.  For the last year we have had uteach sitting online at, but… Read more »