PHP Function Return New Object

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Through our years of programming, we have optimized and re-optimized our code in attempt to make things easier for us, and to reduce redundant code. During our endeavours, we implemented an abstract class containing a function that returns a new object instance: abstract class i_object {     final public static function i() {         return count(func_get_args()) ?… Read more »

Upcoming Projects in 2017

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Hosting This year we will be upgrading our hosting services by more than doubling speed, ram and space, which is expected to occur early March. formDO We will be releasing our flagship project, formDO, late April! flokah (ubudget) We have some really awesome updates prepared for this project, which will be released shortly after the… Read more »

WordPress PatternFly (Bootstrap) Theme

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Over the past few months, we have been working with PatternFly, which is built on Bootstrap, to provide an enterprise look and feel to our data management applications. To our surprise, or not, we found zero (0) WordPress themes supporting PatternFly. While utilizing the open source WordPress theme Blankslate, we have put together a nice… Read more »

Introducing: flokah!

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The flokah project (located at has gone through 3 stages of development. The first was more than 10 years ago, when we first started creating invoices. The system was very simple back then, having only the ability to create clients and invoices. It was called cConsole; “Client” Console. At that time, Simply Accounting cost… Read more »

Debugging your PHP Project

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For years we have been utilizing a small class that allows us to easily debug PHP applications.  All you need to do is add your IP to the $ips array in the debug::enabled() function. This script uses backtrace, which may not be available to you, to look-up the file and line of where debug::print_r() was… Read more »

wp-admin/options-permalink.php 404 Page Not Found

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There have been some issues with mod_rewrite, WordPress and the permalink functionality.  In some cases, when having mod_rewrite enabled, WordPress fails to load the Settings > Permalink page.  Some people experience a blank screen, while others experience a 404 Page Not Found error. If there are no issues in your .htaccess, and you have exhausted… Read more »

Magento Override Frontend Core Controllers

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For those of you that are totally stuck and have looked at every tutorial, specifically the one found here:, on Overriding Controllers, and you still can’t seem to get it to work, this solution may work for you: In your /app/etc/modules/Company_Module.xml file, ensure <codePool> is spelled this way.  <codepool> will NOT WORK and Magento… Read more »

Call to undefined function curl_setopt()

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If you receive this error, and you are running WAMP or similar web environment on 64-bit Windows 7, this may help solve your problem.  If you have already tried enabling php_curl.dll and everything looks good within your php.ini files (extension=php_curl.dll and not ;extension=php_curl.dll) but CURL doesn’t show up when you call phpinfo(), you will need… Read more »

WordPress Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of … exhausted

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If you have this problem, and you’re running wordpress version 3+, you can modify the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT within /wp-includes/default-constants.php. This may also apply to people looking for a solid alternative to the php.ini memory_limit resolution. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

Inherit jQuery Functionality for Dynamic Additions

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Our latest project requires a lot of event driven functionality which attempts to reuse click() functions. Unfortunately when you dynamically add an element to the DOM it does not automatically inherit any functions that were loaded in $(document).ready(). For example: if you have a text-box and an “add” button (A) which, when clicked, adds a… Read more »