WordPress PatternFly (Bootstrap) Theme

Over the past few months, we have been working with PatternFly, which is built on Bootstrap, to provide an enterprise look and feel to our data management applications. To our surprise, or not, we found zero (0) WordPress themes supporting PatternFly. While utilizing the open source WordPress theme Blankslate, we have put together a nice little WordPress PatternFly theme. You can see it in action at www.carwrapquotes.com.

We plan on publicly releasing this theme, once we tighten everything up, but for now, if you would like a copy to use or play around with, please let us know. This theme-package comes complete with a child theme for you to provide overrides. We also recommend using the following plugins, in order of most important to least important, although not required:

  • Theme My Login – Template overrides have been provided within the packaged parent theme. You may further override these templates by copying them, from TML itself or from the parent theme, to your child theme.
  • Wordfence Security – Security is always a good idea! This should actually be listed first, but it’s not.
  • Debug Print R – Because debugging is sometimes necessary, and this makes debugging easier to read.
  • Nav Menu Roles – Easily set a nav menu item to only display based on logged in status and role.
  • Slim Stat Analytics – To accompany your Google Analytics.
  • Widget Logic – Great way to limit widget visibility.

2 thoughts on “WordPress PatternFly (Bootstrap) Theme

  1. I would like a copy of your patternfly theme for WordPress, and would also be interested in services to setup and migrate a saas app into wordpress using patternfly.

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