Research & Development

Every now and then the developers at iaps use some of their free time crunch out some code for our own web and software projects, ranging from invoice management to student-grade tracking systems. Each project’s purpose is to solve an organizational issue. Although there may already be a product or service out there that is similar, we felt that its’ solution (structure, methods and price) did not meet our expectations or needs. We are always looking for new problems to solve and people to benefit from these solutions! As always, if you are using any of our services and you have an idea for a new feature, please contact us, via support, and we will consider your feature as long as it’s inline with scope of the project’s intention. All iaps projects are bound to our security, terms and privacy statements.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

flokah is the predecessor of ubudget!

Budgeting, work logs, expense-tracking, invoicing and client management all tied into one, with an easy to use interface. flokah makes it easy to keep track of your financials on the go with a slimmed-down smart phone version. “The freelancers accounting system.” We make accounting simple so you can focus on your clients. This project receives regular updates; new features and bug fixes. The flokah project has been live since February 2012, in one way or another.

A Content Management System builder. Create forms, enter or upload your data, create reports, setup users and permissions, display your forms publicly, privately, or password protect them. Coming April 2017.

WordPress Plugins

For more information about our WordPress plugins, please click here.