Do ubudget?  If not, you should start.  The next phase of updates for ubudget will include receipt tracking.  This service will allow you to either upload a photo of an invoice, or simply take a picture of an invoice.  The image will be saved to the Journal section of your ubudget where you can then […]

Within the Journal section of ubudget, you have the ability to add categories.  By default no categories are provided for you, which allows you to setup a fully customized solution for yourself and your company, but we do have some categories for you to consider.  The following list of categories were taken from the Statement

Recommended Journal Categories – direct from the CRA T2125 formRead More »

If you receive this error, and you are running WAMP or similar web environment on 64-bit Windows 7, this may help solve your problem.  If you have already tried enabling php_curl.dll and everything looks good within your php.ini files (extension=php_curl.dll and not ;extension=php_curl.dll) but CURL doesn’t show up when you call phpinfo(), you will need

Call to undefined function curl_setopt()Read More »

Late last month we released the new version of our website.  This version includes an integrated Support Center ( with the ability to create and manage support tickets.  Please use this new service for all of your future support requests, as this will aid in tackling future issues and requests. Thanks, iaps. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint