Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the flu, colds, car accidents, radiation from sun exposure, bumps, scrapes, bruises, and all forms of cancer, we at IAPS have your, and our, safety in mind. For those reasons, we work remotely from home and encourage everyone to avoid illness by eating healthy, getting some exercise, and thinking positively. […]

We completed a huge software update yesterday, starting at 5pm and completing at 2am EST. This update provided an updated cPanel, and newer versions of MySQL, PHP and Apache, while also providing the Apache module DEFLATE. DEFLATE allows you to compress output which decreases load times for your users! If you would like DEFLATE utilized

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We are very excited to inform you of our SEO Initiative Campaign, starting tomorrow!* This campaign will be comprised of each client of iaps, of whom we personally created a website for, receiving an email containing the following information: an outline of how your website currently performs on major search engines, what can be improved

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Late last month we released the new version of our website.  This version includes an integrated Support Center (http://support.iaps.ca/) with the ability to create and manage support tickets.  Please use this new service for all of your future support requests, as this will aid in tackling future issues and requests. Thanks, iaps. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

We currently have in development several organization-based projects that will aid in a broad spectrum of daily activities. Our main focus for these apps fall into the categories of: project management, objective management, accounting and global updates. We hope to release a beta version of our objective management system later this month while the 3

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