The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Initiative Campaign

We are very excited to inform you of our SEO Initiative Campaign, starting tomorrow!*

This campaign will be comprised of each client of iaps, of whom we personally created a website for, receiving an email containing the following information:

  • an outline of how your website currently performs on major search engines,
  • what can be improved on (in terms of website content, structure, social media, and other assets),
  • and how much effort it will take to improve it.

This value-added-service is our way of reaching out to you, our valued clients, to help you improve your presence on the interwebs.  We really hope you take advantage of this service, as we know just how valuable it is to rank, organically, within the top few search results on the major search engines.

There are a lot of people that dump thousands of dollars into online marketing, pay-per-click and retargeting advertising before ensuring their website is up to SEO standards.  Well we are here for you, and we want to help you get the exposure you need to keep your business growing without having to set aside a substantial monthly budget.

Cheers, and we’ll be in touch!

* This campaign will continue until ALL clients of iaps have received their overview.  Your patience is much appreciated as each outline will take some time to compile.

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