We have updated FTPConn to version 3.1(.1). A minor fix was required to allow functionality within Safari. No patch notes are available since this is a 3rd-tier update; 3.x(.X) where X is the 3rd-tier. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint

We just completed our new php framework and have fully tested the application. This framework can be integrated into any website and provides a solid base for updating and adding new information and pages. So far we have successfully completed 3 integrations of the framework with 2 more coming up within the week! We hope

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FTPConn v3.1.0 has just been released. We have made several functionality changes that will allow for a smoother & seemless flow of the application. For more details, go to Projects & Downloads. Please contact us if you wish to have a FTP Client installed on your webserver! FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint

We have decided to use Jira Studio instead of Codendi for issue tracking, sub-versions, tasks & workflow, and source repository. Project development using this application starts today! We hope to have a full review of Jira by August 10th, 2009. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint

The new layout is live! We introduced a contemporary look and feel to the site to give it a bit more elegance. Not all the pages are complete, but the most important functions are available. We are currently working on 3 client projects and 3 of our own, so we are keeping quite busy but

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