Document builder will be rolled out next week!

ubudget is undergoing a few enhancements to provide and even more robust service.  The Document builder is our newest addition to ubudget, and with it you can create any sort of document you wish, including: Service Agreements, Contracts, Project Outlines, etc.  Literally anything you want!  The power of this new service is the ability to use placeholders within each document.  Placeholders allow you to link your ubudget data (client, project and user data) to a document template.  Once you are satisfied with your template, you can then use it to create a document for any client-project you wish.  You also have the ability to create different versions of the documents applied to a client-project.

We hope that this service brings a bit more control to you and your project documents.

The Document builder is scheduled to release this coming Tuesday by 7pm.


1 thought on “Document builder will be rolled out next week!

  1. We have just completed a number of changes to the system. The Calendar utility has been totally revamped and should now display recurring services and invoices in a much more organized fashion. We also released a Budget component and the mentioned Document component.

    Please note that the Calendar and Recurring Services modules will be undergoing further changes in the near future. We are looking to simplify the Recurring Service by changing the “Period (days)” field to a drop-down that displays proper periods (ie. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly, and bi-yearly).

    As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions.

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