If you are working on a small project and no one has the time to go in and resize all images to fit a specified area, I have a quick fix for you. This fix only works when the specified area is restricted by either height or width: img {width: 180px; height: *%; }. This […]

Hey everyone. I’m looking for a solution that will allow mp3s to play from a private directory below the public_html directory. For instance, all my mp3s are in the “/home/user/private/” directory while my web-files reside in “/home/user/public_html/”. The problem with this setup is that the client side needs a client path: “www.iaps.ca/private”, but since the

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We recently finished the Comda project over the holidays. We made very good time considering our busy holiday. The client is very pleased with the result and so are we. Check out this project, and all of our other client-projects, in our portfolio. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggitEmailPrint