Organization is key, so here is a quick list of things we’re working on and in the order of release (which will hopefully be soon): iaps.Manage (client administrating self application) iaps.ManagePro (company administrating self and clients application) iaps.AwesomeCMS (no details will be released on this application, but it is in the planning stages; and it’s […]

We have put together a quick informative document concerning website privacy, regarding your email address! This article was inspired by all of the people asking why email addresses are hardly ever posted on company websites anymore… FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

XML is becoming a major part of iaps.Manage. Considering this, we are working on a full class of transformation functions that will permit easy creation, updates and display of XML files. When this class is complete, we will make it available for download. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

We are pleased to introduce iaps.ManagePro! This new project will replace our iaps.cConsole and will provide many benefits to online businesses; including: client management, transaction processing, employee scheduling and much more! This application will be released shortly after iaps.Manage but it will have the ability to work in paralelle with it. This means that iaps.Manage

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