End-of-month news

Organization is key, so here is a quick list of things we’re working on and in the order of release (which will hopefully be soon):

  • iaps.Manage (client administrating self application)
  • iaps.ManagePro (company administrating self and clients application)
  • iaps.AwesomeCMS (no details will be released on this application, but it is in the planning stages; and it’s top secret!)
  • we are also working on cleaning up our own website. A new marketing campaign is in effect and this site may undergo some major changes to the front-end; getting started procedure steps, interactivity, flash, etc. We are even considering switching to a div-based layout versus our current table-based, but there’s no real need for that right now.
  • We decided to postpone the Microsoft Vista troubleshooting documentation in our Knowledge Base. We may remove the Knowledge Base section completely, or turn it into a full-scale news-bulletin. We are still very undecided but feel strongly that this section needs to either a) get bigger, or b) get gone…

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