Version 0.2b is scheduled for release

Posted by & filed under, will be undergoing Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday, April 1st from 6pm to 7pm EST. Change Log: Journal date filtering now works.  By default, you will still see your full list of entries.  This will change in v0.3b. Point of Sale (POS) is now available.  POS can be used in 2ways: through a Journal entry… Read more »

Release notice for version 0.2b

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ubudget v0.2b will be released on April 2nd, 2012.  On top of all the other updates mentioned in our previous post, we are adding the connection between Journal entries, that are attached to a client, and our Point of Sale (POS) Log.  Invoice Creation will contain a new filter called “Type” which resolves to either… Read more »

WordPress Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of … exhausted

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If you have this problem, and you’re running wordpress version 3+, you can modify the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT within /wp-includes/default-constants.php. This may also apply to people looking for a solid alternative to the php.ini memory_limit resolution. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

On the road to ubudget version 0.2b

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Over the next month or so, we will be adding all remaining features that are implemented but not yet working as intended.  The following is a list of the features to be fixed/completed: Visuals(V): Some Table-column sizes need to be adjusted, specifically under Reports on Work Logs. Functionality(F): Ability to create reports on Journal Entries…. Read more »