Version 0.2b is scheduled for release will be undergoing Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday, April 1st from 6pm to 7pm EST.

Change Log:

  • Journal date filtering now works.  By default, you will still see your full list of entries.  This will change in v0.3b.
  • Point of Sale (POS) is now available.  POS can be used in 2ways: through a Journal entry assigned to a client, or creating a stand-alone entry.
  • Create an Invoice now has a filter, labeled “Based on”, which allows you to choose what invoice items you wish to bill for.  Currently, the two options are “Work Logs” and “POS”.  “Work Logs” is selected by default, but we intend to add a setting to manage this in v0.3b, or sooner.
  • Some column sizes have been changed to better fit the intended content.
  • Work Log custom fields can now be created, but they cannot be utilized at this time.
  • Private comments can now be applied to invoices under Accounts Receivable.

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