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Over the next month or so, we will be adding all remaining features that are implemented but not yet working as intended.  The following is a list of the features to be fixed/completed:

  • Visuals(V): Some Table-column sizes need to be adjusted, specifically under Reports on Work Logs.
  • Functionality(F): Ability to create reports on Journal Entries.
  • F: Work Log Custom Fields, which allow you to add your own fields (check-box, text-box, etc.) to Work Logs.
  • V: We may temporarily remove the Recurring Services Reporting option, which currently doesn’t work anyway.
  • F: Inventory Log option, to create “product, qty, price” entries and invoices.
  • F: Ability to comment on Invoices.
  • V: More Calendar notices, along with a blog-type view of calendar events.

We hope that you enjoy our BETA release of ubudget!

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