On the road to ubudget version 0.2b

Over the next month or so, we will be adding all remaining features that are implemented but not yet working as intended.  The following is a list of the features to be fixed/completed:

  • Visuals(V): Some Table-column sizes need to be adjusted, specifically under Reports on Work Logs.
  • Functionality(F): Ability to create reports on Journal Entries.
  • F: Work Log Custom Fields, which allow you to add your own fields (check-box, text-box, etc.) to Work Logs.
  • V: We may temporarily remove the Recurring Services Reporting option, which currently doesn’t work anyway.
  • F: Inventory Log option, to create “product, qty, price” entries and invoices.
  • F: Ability to comment on Invoices.
  • V: More Calendar notices, along with a blog-type view of calendar events.

We hope that you enjoy our BETA release of ubudget!

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