Past, Present and Future, 2016

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work at client-offices, and on multiple client projects.

We finally had a chance to revisit, as that project has not been touched in over 2 years. Not only has the look and feel changed, but the name as well. “ubudget” falls short when defining what it actually is. However, “flokah” seems to fit a lot better and we will stick with that name for now. We also managed to scoop up the .com, so within the very near future, will be running the new version of ubudget. Each user will be notified, then migrated, and notified once more upon completion.

Journal Imports and our new Client Portal won’t be available for use within flokah until August.

Our Point of Sale system ( is on the back-burner until we finish our current project, “actpath”. actpath is our CMS builder, and it’s awesome, and we can’t tell you more than that.

Lots of good things to come, always!

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