Upcoming Projects in 2017

This year we will be upgrading our hosting services by more than doubling speed, ram and space, which is expected to occur early March.

We will be releasing our flagship project, formDO, late April!

flokah (ubudget)
We have some really awesome updates prepared for this project, which will be released shortly after the launch of formDO; most likely sometime in May or June.

We are now selling light-weight, polyester hoodies for CAD$35, available in 2 colours (dark grey, beige), and 5 sizes (S, M, Lg, XL, XXL). All hoodies come with a pressed “iaps” logo, placed over the heart. For more information, please contact us. We plan on setting up a shop page for our apparel in early Spring, which is when we plan on introducing collared golf shirts into our product line.

Blankslate/Patternfly WordPress Theme
As per our post in October of last year, WordPress PatternFly (Bootstrap) Theme, we will be applying this theme to our own website, and also releasing it to the public via https://en-ca.wordpress.org/themes/. This should be done by August, along with a client login panel with further integrated support tickets, and access to invoice history.

This summer will commence our first application and integration of formDO into a small farming business, located just outside London, Ontario.

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