Password Generator

We highly encourage everyone to use passwords with at least 9 characters, containing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and, if permitted, special characters.

Recommended Password Storage Solutions

KeePass is great little program for managing personal passwords, and LastPass works great to manage passwords for teams.  They are completely different from each other, and KeePass does have a slight learning curve to it, while being more geared towards people that want to have an offline password storage system.  Comparatively, LastPass integrates well with your browser, provides user/team-based permissions to password sets, and has a user-friendly interface.  We have experience with both of these options.  However, we do prefer KeePass.  The best part is, both of these solutions are FREE!

The Generator

The below form generates strong passwords for online accounts. Keep in mind that if you ever lose a password, you can easily reset your password using the “Forgot Password?” form found on most websites. It’s better to lose a strong password, and have to reset it, than to use a weak password and have your account hacked!


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