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The last update released only updated the first two items from the last set of possible updates.  Here is a complete list of what’s coming up, and what has been completed.

  • Improved Project Tracking – view time spent on a project, add an hourly rate to a project
  • Journal entries will auto-filter between the first day of the year and today
  • Journal filtering will provide a better breakdown of recurring expenses
  • Configure Taxes will be given a facelift
  • Custom Fields, across the board.  This means that almost everything will be able to make use of a custom field that you create yourself.  For instance, if you would like another field within the Projects section of ubudget, you can simply create any type of form field (text-box, check-box, etc.) and assign it to the Projects section of ubudget.
  • We will be giving Projects the ability to create sub-projects, for better resource and time planning.
  • We are also considering a fully configurable gantt chart which will utilize your projects and sub-projects.

We will provide you with another update when we are ready to schedule some downtime to implement these features.


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