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We are aware of an issue that is preventing email from being sent to and recipients.  When sending an email to one of these domains, you may receive an email from “Mail Delivery System” with the subject “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender” with the following message:

host []: 550 SC-001 (SNT0-MC2-F50) 
Unfortunately, messages from **.**.***.*** weren't sent. Please 
contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is 
on our block list. You can also refer your provider to

We are working hard to resolve this issue and we will keep you posted on any progress.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause.

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Now that v0.4b has been released we are now working on v0.5b, which has some very nice enhancements to look forward to:

  • Features
    • Homepage video: we will be creating a video that will show a brief run-through of ubudget and how to setup your account.
    • Custom Fields: Clients, Projects, Work/POS Logs and Invoices will all benefit from the new Custom Field generator we are implementing.  You will be able to create any type of form-field you want, apply it to a module (Clients, Projects, etc.), and utilize that field in any way you want.  For instance, you could add a field called “Notes” to the “Clients” module.
    • Projects > Search: the search mechanism will be updated to include Company Name’s within its’ search parameters.
    • Calendar: several filters will be added so you can include and disclude specific “events”.  These filters include: Invoices & Recurring Billing (which is what the calendar currently displays), as well as Journal Entries, Tasks, and Documents.
    • Recently Viewed: in v0.4b, we added a module to capture page-views.  In this next version we are going to utilize that module to allow you to select any of these pages as a favorite.  All favorites will be displayed in a new link called “Recent”.
    • Journal: new period “Bi-Monthly”.
    • “Payment Received” email Subject line needs to be updated to something more subjective.
    • Billing > Accounts Receivable > Send Email (#) button: this needs to be changed to show how many of each type of email (paid, unpaid, overdue, void) was sent.
    • Billing > Configure Taxes:  This form will receive a much needed facelift.
  • Bugs
    • Although the number of bugs in ubudget is minimal, we feel you should know about these outstanding issues.  We will be adding a feed to display all outstanding bugs for your reference.
    • Under certain circumstances, when creating an invoice, the final total displayed is $0.  When you create the invoice the final total is correct, but we will need to fix the calculation issue that occurs.

As always, if you have any suggestions for new features, or if you have found a bug, please let us know! Thanks.

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Since the release of the Document Builder, we have been working on a number of features and fixes:

  • Journals:
    • The main feed should now be more accurate in terms of recurring dates and periods.
  • Projects:
    • Projects can now have 1 to many child projects.
    • The project settings page now has an additional option to Track via Kanban (information to follow).
    • If a project is set to Track via Kanban, additional settings will appear to change the color and priority of the project.
  • Kanban (new):
    • The Kanban board provides a dashboard for projects currently under the development lifecycle. You have the ability to create as many Kanban Phases as you wish.
  • Tasks (new):
    • Projects can now be assigned tasks. Tasks can be filtered by client, project and by status (active, completed).
  • Settings (new options):
    • We have added the subscription module into Settings > Subscription, so you may now subscribe to get rid of the “c/o” part of the ‘from’ name when emailing invoices.
    • We have added Settings > Modules to allow the user to select which modules to display in the main nav, and how to display them. We will utilize this more in the future when we implement multi-user support.

Below is a screenshot of the Settings > Modules utility:


ubudget v0.4b is scheduled to be released on Sunday August 4th, 2013. The subscription service will not be active initially, but we will be patching it later this week, as we are waiting for authentication from our merchant provider.

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The following image provides an example of how you can setup a simple set of Kanban Phases. Top-level phases should be ordered starting from 1, and similarly so should each set of sub-phases. This setup ensures proper promotion and demotion of a project within a phase or sub-phase.


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Small Business owners in Canada may opt-in to make use of remission rates as long as you do not make more than a certain amount per year. If your expenses are less than 32.3% of sales, the Quick Method of Accounting is for you.

For more information, see: RC4058 Quick Method of Accounting for GST/HST –

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For those of you that are totally stuck and have looked at every tutorial, specifically the one found here:, on Overriding Controllers, and you still can’t seem to get it to work, this solution may work for you:

In your /app/etc/modules/Company_Module.xml file, ensure <codePool> is spelled this way.  <codepool> will NOT WORK and Magento will silently fall back to the core controller.

Here is the full file for your reference:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

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ubudget is undergoing a few enhancements to provide and even more robust service.  The Document builder is our newest addition to ubudget, and with it you can create any sort of document you wish, including: Service Agreements, Contracts, Project Outlines, etc.  Literally anything you want!  The power of this new service is the ability to use placeholders within each document.  Placeholders allow you to link your ubudget data (client, project and user data) to a document template.  Once you are satisfied with your template, you can then use it to create a document for any client-project you wish.  You also have the ability to create different versions of the documents applied to a client-project.

We hope that this service brings a bit more control to you and your project documents.

The Document builder is scheduled to release this coming Tuesday by 7pm.


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We are very excited to inform you of our SEO Initiative Campaign, starting tomorrow!*

This campaign will be comprised of each client of iaps, of whom we personally created a website for, receiving an email containing the following information:

  • an outline of how your website currently performs on major search engines,
  • what can be improved on (in terms of website content, structure, social media, and other assets),
  • and how much effort it will take to improve it.

This value-added-service is our way of reaching out to you, our valued clients, to help you improve your presence on the interwebs.  We really hope you take advantage of this service, as we know just how valuable it is to rank, organically, within the top few search results on the major search engines.

There are a lot of people that dump thousands of dollars into online marketing, pay-per-click and retargeting advertising before ensuring their website is up to SEO standards.  Well we are here for you, and we want to help you get the exposure you need to keep your business growing without having to set aside a substantial monthly budget.

Cheers, and we’ll be in touch!

* This campaign will continue until ALL clients of iaps have received their overview.  Your patience is much appreciated as each outline will take some time to compile.