Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver stopped responding and has recovered

We had this problem for the last year or so, intermittently, on one of our systems.  The screen flickered black, then a windows bubble popped up with the error message “Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver has stopped responding and has recovered.”  We read through tons of forum posts, looking for ways to fix this issue.  Some solutions include: changing the TDR Delay in the registry, reinstalling the video drivers, installing old versions of drivers, changing Nvidia settings to use Maximum Performance, and the list goes on.

But after going into the BIOS to take a look at GPU temperatures, we saw that Nvidia “Optimus” was disabled, so we enabled that and there hasn’t been a flicker or error since.  Optmius delegates commands, depending on load, to your GPU and integrated graphics chip.  This seems to have alleviated some graphic lag we were experiencing on this system as well.

It has only been a few days since we enabled Optimus, but we are staying optimistic.

Please leave a reply if this solution worked for you.

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