ubudget v0.5b is in the works!

Now that v0.4b has been released we are now working on v0.5b, which has some very nice enhancements to look forward to:

  • Features
    • Homepage video: we will be creating a video that will show a brief run-through of ubudget and how to setup your account.
    • Custom Fields: Clients, Projects, Work/POS Logs and Invoices will all benefit from the new Custom Field generator we are implementing.  You will be able to create any type of form-field you want, apply it to a module (Clients, Projects, etc.), and utilize that field in any way you want.  For instance, you could add a field called “Notes” to the “Clients” module.
    • Projects > Search: the search mechanism will be updated to include Company Name’s within its’ search parameters.
    • Calendar: several filters will be added so you can include and disclude specific “events”.  These filters include: Invoices & Recurring Billing (which is what the calendar currently displays), as well as Journal Entries, Tasks, and Documents.
    • Recently Viewed: in v0.4b, we added a module to capture page-views.  In this next version we are going to utilize that module to allow you to select any of these pages as a favorite.  All favorites will be displayed in a new link called “Recent”.
    • Journal: new period “Bi-Monthly”.
    • “Payment Received” email Subject line needs to be updated to something more subjective.
    • Billing > Accounts Receivable > Send Email (#) button: this needs to be changed to show how many of each type of email (paid, unpaid, overdue, void) was sent.
    • Billing > Configure Taxes:  This form will receive a much needed facelift.
  • Bugs
    • Although the number of bugs in ubudget is minimal, we feel you should know about these outstanding issues.  We will be adding a feed to display all outstanding bugs for your reference.
    • Under certain circumstances, when creating an invoice, the final total displayed is $0.  When you create the invoice the final total is correct, but we will need to fix the calculation issue that occurs.

As always, if you have any suggestions for new features, or if you have found a bug, please let us know! Thanks.

3 thoughts on “ubudget v0.5b is in the works!

  1. We knocked off 2 features today:
    – “Payment Received” email Subject line needs to be updated to something more subjective.
    – Billing > Configure Taxes: This form will receive a much needed facelift.

    But we couldn’t wait until the full release of v0.5b, so we went ahead and applied these changes earlier this evening; along with a bunch of other new features!

  2. Please note that invoices are no longer sent in the body of the email, only attached as a PDF. Please update your Settings (General > Email Messages) appropriately.

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