ubudget v0.4b Changelog

Since the release of the Document Builder, we have been working on a number of features and fixes:

  • Journals:
    • The main feed should now be more accurate in terms of recurring dates and periods.
  • Projects:
    • Projects can now have 1 to many child projects.
    • The project settings page now has an additional option to Track via Kanban (information to follow).
    • If a project is set to Track via Kanban, additional settings will appear to change the color and priority of the project.
  • Kanban (new):
    • The Kanban board provides a dashboard for projects currently under the development lifecycle. You have the ability to create as many Kanban Phases as you wish.
  • Tasks (new):
    • Projects can now be assigned tasks. Tasks can be filtered by client, project and by status (active, completed).
  • Settings (new options):
    • We have added the subscription module into Settings > Subscription, so you may now subscribe to get rid of the “c/o ubudget.ca” part of the ‘from’ name when emailing invoices.
    • We have added Settings > Modules to allow the user to select which modules to display in the main nav, and how to display them. We will utilize this more in the future when we implement multi-user support.

Below is a screenshot of the Settings > Modules utility:


ubudget v0.4b is scheduled to be released on Sunday August 4th, 2013. The subscription service will not be active initially, but we will be patching it later this week, as we are waiting for authentication from our merchant provider.

7 thoughts on “ubudget v0.4b Changelog

  1. An issue with the new Captcha plugin was preventing people from registering for an account. This should now be fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  2. As a last minute change, we have finally implemented a proper password reset function. Once you make a password update request, you will receive an email containing a link to form from which you may choose a new account password. Hopefully this relieves some confusion.

    Please note that the initial user registration will continue to email out passwords, so we recommend updating your password right away, using the Forgot Password utility, immediately after registration. In fact, down the road we may incorporate the password reset into the registration process.

  3. We just uploaded a quick patch for those of you using touch-devices:
    All main links containing sub-links, via Settings > Modules, will now require 2 clicks to open the link, with the first click displaying the sub-links.

  4. We just applied a hotfix to solve some issues around Journal Entry filtering. We also patched the Budget module to provide some improvements based on the updates to the Journal filtering.

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