Finding time…

Finding time it is! Unfortunately making time is out of the question. We apologize for our lack of integrity regarding our new website and projects in development; they are taking much longer to release than we anticipated. Our work-load is quite overwhelming and we only have so much time to work on our projects. Here are some key points that will quickly help you to understand our overall situation:

  • At this time, there is no guarentee of when our projects will be finalized and released. We will be making a lot of project source code (…for Ticksys, Manage & ManagePro) available for public use and revisions on our new website; which will be released at an undetermined time.
  • iaps.tbox is currently down and will remain out of service for an unestimated amount of time. All of the private client information can still be acessed via iaps.Manage with your username and password.
  • We are still servicing current clients and welcome new ones.

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