…making time?

Finding time, or making time? We all need to get lots of things done and some of us feel there is just never enough time — thankfully time is just an illusion. We are currently configuring our tboX with apache HTTP-Server running on Ubuntu. We need a specific setup for one website suite we are working on and we are having slight difficulty setting everything up correctly. We plan to have our server up and running by the end of next week.

RE: New Website! We have worked through many possibilities, 8-12, and we have finally decided on this (layout-demo) for the time being. Enjoy! — As you may see, we have finally moved from table-based layouts to div-based. There is only 1 minor detail that needs attention regarding cross-browser compatibility; but we won’t tell you which part. The great thing about our up and coming site will be the ability to change the entire website color-scheme and tool-boxes that can be moved (left and right side sections). We will also be introducing our Research & Development department with upcoming productions and our Contr!bute center!

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