Landmark Education

After going through the Landmark Education course, we learned a great deal about the world we live in and how to create possibilities that will increase our integrity, maintain a healty lifestyle and be proactive. Our goal at iaps is to increase productivity and efficiency while being compliant to industry standards. Thus, we have begun work on a new project that will help anyone and everyone with important aspects of daily life…including money!

We have yet to mention our new project base called actpath. Actpath is being developed to help people with daily functions and activities; loving life, getting the most out of your time, managing your money, providing motivation and additional information to better yourself and the world around you. Estimated date of release (including all sub-projects): July 4th, 2008.

If you believe you have too much to do on a daily basis, consider this: “You can get the things done that you need to have done by doing the things you don’t need to do less.” We all watch TV…well, most of us at least, not myself though. But we do other things like play on the computer and such. We all need some time to play/relax but we need to keep it in moderation.

For now, let me leave you with 2 things to do: 1) Tell yourself 1 thing you are thankful for today, and 2) create a possibility of doing something and DO IT! For example, if you haven’t talked to someone in a while and you really want to, create the possibility that you will call them and talk to them for at least 10 minutes. “Thinking about doing something isn’t worth the time…taking action and doing something is always worth it!”

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