ubudget is undergoing a few enhancements to provide and even more robust service.  The Document builder is our newest addition to ubudget, and with it you can create any sort of document you wish, including: Service Agreements, Contracts, Project Outlines, etc.  Literally anything you want!  The power of this new service is the ability to

Document builder will be rolled out next week!Read More »

Within the Journal section of ubudget, you have the ability to add categories.  By default no categories are provided for you, which allows you to setup a fully customized solution for yourself and your company, but we do have some categories for you to consider.  The following list of categories were taken from the Statement

Recommended Journal Categories – direct from the CRA T2125 formRead More »

We are happy to provide you with a list of upcoming additions to ubudget: Improved Project Tracking – view time spent on a project, add an hourly rate to a project Journal entries now auto-filter between the first day of the year and today Journal filtering now provides a better breakdown of recurring expenses Configure

Improved Project Tracking and Journal Organization!Read More »

Maintenance is complete and ubudget has been updated with all the features mentioned in our previous post.  We hope you enjoy the new addition and, as always, please let us know if you find any issues! Thanks. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint