We have decided to use Jira Studio instead of Codendi for issue tracking, sub-versions, tasks & workflow, and source repository. Project development using this application starts today! We hope to have a full review of Jira by August 10th, 2009. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

The new layout is live! We introduced a contemporary look and feel to the site to give it a bit more elegance. Not all the pages are complete, but the most important functions are available. We are currently working on 3 client projects and 3 of our own, so we are keeping quite busy but

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FTPConn 2.0 is complete and polished. There are 3 options for deployment. Use can connect to the application on our home server (very slow). If you have a webserver but do not have root access to the filesystem, we can deploy it without progress bar support (file upload progress indicator). And if you have a

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Already into the New Year! Nope, I haven’t gone anywhere…just really busy. But not too busy for another website overhaul; minor. We are getting new business cards in shortly and we plan to revamp the look of our site to match our ever so important business cards 😉 We also need to take care of

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Our new website is complete for the time being. We will be updating and adding new features as we go from here. There is no front “splash page” to our site at this time. We are considering a Flash movie or simple static organized text. We have also updated our address, projects & downloads, portfolio

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Our new website is almost complete! Launch will occur shortly. A quick update on our current projects: iaps.ManagePro will be combined with iaps.Manage. iaps.Manage is the codename for this suite. iaps.Manage is on hold indefinately. uBudget is in the development stage; we expect a BETA release before Christmas. We are also planning a new project,

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After going through the Landmark Education course, we learned a great deal about the world we live in and how to create possibilities that will increase our integrity, maintain a healty lifestyle and be proactive. Our goal at iaps is to increase productivity and efficiency while being compliant to industry standards. Thus, we have begun

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