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Already into the New Year! Nope, I haven’t gone anywhere…just really busy. But not too busy for another website overhaul; minor. We are getting new business cards in shortly and we plan to revamp the look of our site to match our ever so important business cards 😉 We also need to take care of the Help & Support section of our site. Internet Explorer doesn’t seem to like JQuery too much 🙁

Our latest interests lie with C++, C# and CodeIgniter (a PHP framework that seems to do a very nice job of providing exactly what we need). Our work on uBudget has slowed down recently. We will have to take another stab at it once we stop getting so much worth-while work to do! We are looking forward to the many new clients in the near future, and welcome our most recent clients! Thanks for helping us keep afloat while we paddle.

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