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We are in the process of developing the new iaps.Manage application where clients have access to their account details, invoices, critical account information and the ability to monitor on-going projects, new features, issues and project files. We hope to have the NEW iaps.Manage application fully available to clients by mid March 2010.


iaps.Manage, and all of our new websites, will be created with the NEW iaps.Framework.  This solution makes it easy to add new information to your website, new pages, images, documents and much more.

We also plan to release our iaps.ProjectManagement system to the public in 2010.  This system is currently being built with iaps.FW and implemented into iaps.Manage.  We hope you enjoy the new and improved iaps solutions.

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Over the last few months, iaps has laid the foundation for a tremendous amount of potential work. Within these deals, 1 of which included a b2b bartering arrangement, we have managed to procure a new logo (as seen at, new development methods and updated many features of our iaps.Framework.  With all the new work coming in, we also had to hire a new programmer for contract work and train this person on our framework.  We are happy to say that this hiring decision turned out great and we are happy to have his valued suggestions and efforts on our team.

We would also like to congradulate ourseleves on the month of October, 2009 as it has been our busiest and highest income-generating month in company history!

Considering we now have a new logo that we are proud to display, we are working on another new website which should be up late November.  You may have also noticed that we decided to invest our time in setting up WordPress as our new news center.  So far it has met, but not yet exceeded, our expectations.  During the development of our new site, we hope our expectations of WordPress will be exceeded!

iaps now offers hosting services on our dedicated server.  For more information you can visit our website (

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When using the mysqli_bind_params() function, you may want to consider listing int parameters as strings if the number may be greater than the maximum allowed value for an int.

For Example:

If you specify type “i” (integer), the maximum value it allows you to have is 2^32-1 or 2147483647. So, if you are using UNSIGNED INTEGER or BIGINT in your database, then you are better off using “s” (string) for this.

Here’s a quick summary:

(un)signed TINYINT: i
(un)signed SMALLINT: i
(un)signed MEDIUMINT: i
signed INT: i
unsigned INT: s
(un)signed BIGINT: s


FLOAT/REAL/DOUBLE (PRECISION) should all be “d”.

So when you call your dbUpdate function, the following is correct for the initial 2billion records, but would lead to problems after that:

dbUpdate( $query, array("i", $bigIntValue) );

This is how it should be done:

dbUpdate( $query, array("s", $bigIntValue) );

This advice is for MySQL Databases.

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We’ve tried many different methods to set precision for a number variable (specifically a currency amount) and we’d like to share the best method we’ve found:

   '1000s_separator' );


number_format( $number, 2, '.', ',' );

Hope this helps!

We have also tried using round( $number, {precision} ) but it ignores zeros(0) within the precision numbers.


$number = 9.90;
round( $number, 2 ); // returns: 9.9

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July is quickly going to become a cornerstone in our company’s progress to becoming a major competitor in the web and software development industry. Our plans include the purchase of a dedicated server (hosted in Canada) to host our clients websites (only), a new logo along with new business cards and a new website. We’re also planning to submit our project plan for our up-and-coming major project to venture capitalists for financing.

Our iaps.php-cssFramework is being updated on a regular basis and we feel we now have a secure a flexible starting point for all projects (CMS and User-end). Our growth is directly related to the feedback provided by our clients. We hope you all enjoy our new endeavors.

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We just completed our new php framework and have fully tested the application. This framework can be integrated into any website and provides a solid base for updating and adding new information and pages. So far we have successfully completed 3 integrations of the framework with 2 more coming up within the week! We hope you all enjoy!

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FTPConn v3.1.0 has just been released. We have made several functionality changes that will allow for a smoother & seemless flow of the application. For more details, go to Projects & Downloads. Please contact us if you wish to have a FTP Client installed on your webserver!