We are in the process of developing the new iaps.Manage application where clients have access to their account details, invoices, critical account information and the ability to monitor on-going projects, new features, issues and project files. We hope to have the NEW iaps.Manage application fully available to clients by mid March 2010.


iaps.Manage, and all of our new websites, will be created with the NEW iaps.Framework.  This solution makes it easy to add new information to your website, new pages, images, documents and much more.

We also plan to release our iaps.ProjectManagement system to the public in 2010.  This system is currently being built with iaps.FW and implemented into iaps.Manage.  We hope you enjoy the new and improved iaps solutions.

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  1. iaps.Manage will not be updated in Demember, as listed previously. Our focus is required elsewhere at this time. We have rescheduled the release to mid March 2010.

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