Buffering and Segment Errors

If you have had any issues streaming from, here are a few steps to take as a workaround:

  1. Download and install VLC Media Player from:
  2. Download and install Livestreamer from: (click on the Installer link)
  3. Then click on START (then run in pre-Windows 7), then type in: cmd
  4. A command prompt (usually a black window) will load.  In this window, type the following then press ENTER:
    livestreamer best
    The above command loads “livestreamer”, connects to “” (where “user” is replaced with the actual user-name), and at the “best” quality.  (To copy+paste to this command-prompt window, right-click the window and click “paste”.)  Once a connection is established, the stream opens up in VLC Player.

Furthermore, if you are still having some buffering issues you may want to add an extra parameter to the command so you utilize more download threads: –hls-segment-threads # (where # is a number between 1 and 10; the default is 1).  The following is an example of this extended command, along with a prompt for the URL (we recommend saving this to a .bat file, such as twitch.bat, so you can simply open it from your desktop and copy+paste the URL):

@echo off
set /p url=”Stream from URL: ”
start livestreamer –hls-segment-threads 4 %url% best

The script prompts you for the full URL of the stream.  However, you may alter this so you only have to enter the user-name portion by changing: %url% to:

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