tBox is down!

tBox is down until Monday or Tuesday of next week for hardware upgrades. The PSU was continuously spinning and stopping so we turned the server off and transfered all the hardware to a new (prettier) case which is now awaiting an additional gig of ram and new PSU. We also added a very old video card to the system to make local scrolling of information a little more seemless. A hard drive upgrade is being considered but is not imparative at this time. Our current is only 80-gig, connected via IDE; our SATA connector on the motherboard failed a year ago.

We have a new website layout coming soon! The layout will remove our Knowledge Base section of our site and add a Getting Started section for the newbies of Website Marketing and online sales. Although this upgrade will not be graphically pleasing, the content and added customization should make up for it. The upgrade will be implemented quickly and no downtime is expected. The site is scheduled for release February 10, 2008.

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