Recent Address Changes & Framework Updates

We have updated our contact information on our main website and in our invoice template. Please ensure you update your records with our new mailing address and phone number. We also added some quick blurbs about our small side projects that were recently completed; found on our Portfolio page.

Another noteworthy change is our recent migration from our standalone website framework to using CodeIgniters framework as a base and loading in all of our custom site functionality (form processing, account/session management, and even our MySQLi database connection class – as that class is awesome!).

Moving on from this technical mumbo-jumbo, we are planning on migrating our framework into Ruby on Rails (RoR) next. We are really excited to see how well RoR will work and if it does indeed live up to our expectations — although we know full well to stay away from expectations, we do value 37signals (creators of RoR) as a company and respect all that they have done and accomplished.  More to come…

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