Since we’ve moved, you’re moving too!

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We took ownership of a new Dedicated Server to host our clients websites yesterday and we are in the process of moving everyone over. For the most part, not much will need to be done on your end except for updating your records with your new password (if a password change is required on our… Read more »

We’ve moved!

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interactivepoint solutions has moved its’ office to Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you would like to use Skype to contact us long distance, please contact us for our user information. For our new phone number, please see our Help & Support page. If you are looking for our mailing address, it will SOON appear on the Help… Read more »

Setting Up Perl and CGI For Wamp Server

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Step1: First you need to download Wamp Server from and install Wamp Server on your machine. The default installation directory is ‘C:wamp” and here I am using the default options for installation. To complete the installation you have to set the host name for your mail server and your email address, here you can… Read more »

Add an Installation Setup Project to VisualStudio

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While working on a VisualStudio project the need for having an Installer added was required. After searching the web I came across a MSDN article ( which provided the information required but it was somewhat ambiguous, so I have summarized it below: When you have your project finished and are ready to add a setup… Read more »


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iaps now provides affordable web hosting on our dedicated server located in Canada. When you sign-up with us, you get a plethora of goodies including: cPanel, unlimited sub-domains/email & ftp accounts/databases, super-fast connectivity, 24/7 proactive monitoring and the dedicated support you would expect from iaps! All prices are listed in Canadian funds and we only… Read more »

Image Sizing in HTML/CSS

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If you are working on a small project and no one has the time to go in and resize all images to fit a specified area, I have a quick fix for you. This fix only works when the specified area is restricted by either height or width: img {width: 180px; height: *%; }. This… Read more »

Playing music (mp3s) from ../public_html

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Hey everyone. I’m looking for a solution that will allow mp3s to play from a private directory below the public_html directory. For instance, all my mp3s are in the “/home/user/private/” directory while my web-files reside in “/home/user/public_html/”. The problem with this setup is that the client side needs a client path: “”, but since the… Read more »

New Developments

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We recently finished the Comda project over the holidays. We made very good time considering our busy holiday. The client is very pleased with the result and so are we. Check out this project, and all of our other client-projects, in our portfolio. FacebookTwitterPinterestDiggemailPrint

Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Hours: Our office will be closed from December 23rd to December 27th. We will re-open for 3 days (28th-30th) and then re-close for December 31st and January 1st. Drive safe, Happy Holidays and New Year! What’s new in 2010? A lot! We have 3 projects under development with 7 more starting in January/February.  We… Read more »


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We are in the process of developing the new iaps.Manage application where clients have access to their account details, invoices, critical account information and the ability to monitor on-going projects, new features, issues and project files. We hope to have the NEW iaps.Manage application fully available to clients by mid March 2010. iaps.Manage, and all of… Read more »